Top Fifteen Little Known Poker Variants

  1. Fuck your Father in the Shower and Have a Snack
  2. Shit in the Ocean
  3. Out the Dealer
  4. Progressive Five Card Draw, Royal Flush or Better
  5. One Card Stud
  6. Make your Inside Straight By Any Means Necessary
  7. The New Guy Gives Everyone Else at the Table All of his Money and Goes Home
  8. Aces and Eights and Threes and Nines and Queens
  9. Texas Stroke-’em
  10. I Hardly Even Know ‘er!
  11. Anacondas in my Pants
  12. Native American Poker
  13. Seven Card Slut
  14. Spit on the Dealer’s Wife
  15. Who’s Got the Chancre?