Fight for Cal Cheerleaders

(sung to the tune of Fight for California)

I jump and I spin
I suuure hope Cal wins,
I’m in my tights, and in my sweats
And this tight top reveals my breasts

I don’t know the sport,
I dooon’t know the score
But I’m a Ca-al cheerleader
We’re not so ugly anymore!

C-H-E-E-… l-for-get, all-the-rest
Cal Cheer, Cal Cheer,
Caaal Cheer!!

I flip and I twirl
I waaaasn’t born a girl,
But I dyed my hair,
and I binged and purged
Now no one can see
where my scars merge

Oh when does this game end?
I shooould have worn Depends.
But I’m a Ca-al cheerleader
Crap, I just lost a contact lens!