Bad, Bad Frat Boy Brown

Sort of sung to the tune of Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

The following is not directed towards any particular fraternity (Sig-Ep). Frat Boy Brown depicts a certain type of person who is usually a member of some fraternity (Sig-Ep). I’ve encountered this type of person many a Thursday and Friday night and I am eager to share my experiences. (This is about Sig-Ep.)

Two hundred pounds of beer drinkin’ lard,
and high school muscle that’s no longer hard
Don’t play that game…
You know his name…
It’s Bad, Bad Frat Boy Brown

Looking for some action
No Sorority satisfaction
So what does he do
When he’s got the white trash blues
But go down town
And drink a few rounds

That bad old Frat boy Brown
Baddest man in the whole damn town
Feeling stronger than a jacked up mule,
Full of his Natural Ice fuel,

He then walks the street,
Looking for some beef,
Good ol’ Frat Boy Brown,
Boy he’ll take you down

Clear the way,
Woman and children inside,
Because he’s had a bad day,
And he’s showin’ off that liquid pride.

You look twice at his bruisin’ scowl,
And then “What’d you say bitch? Let’s go right now!”
Once this happens, innocent friend,
It’s either black-belt Ninjitsu time, or simply the end,

Because he and his brothers,
He’ll fight like you done cursed their mothers
And you won’t make it home,
Without a sore ass and some broken bones.
That bad ol’ frat boy Brown

But if you think you can take,
The king of fake, and his merry men
Fight good and hard and to the end,
Take him down and take off his Frat boy Crown!