Tien Tremulous

California Governor Pete Wilson has coyly sidestepped the “big question” of whether he will run as a Republican contender for the 1996 Presidential election – until now. Wilson will formally announce his candidacy next Monday, as well as reveal an outline of his national budget plans. Wilson’s budget plan calls for a drastic reduction of the national deficit, combined with significant increases in military defense spending. Unlike his rival Republican contenders who have targeted cuts in national welfare and federal bureaucracy as their prime sources of revenue, Wilson plans to fund his ambitious national program solely through spending cuts in the U.C. and Cal-State education system. “Those guys are already rolling in dough,” said a Wilson spokesperson Friday “and ol’ Petey’s gonna use some of that excess, unused cash to re-build this great nation.” Chancellor Tien, who has recently been seen panhandling on Telegraph, was unavailable for comment.