Top Ten Things Overheard in Faculty Club Lounge

  1. “What do you mean I can’t cancel class just because the A’s lost?”
  2. “I’ll assign your book to my class if you give me that jelly donut”
  3. “I don’t give A’s because that just encourages them to stay.
  4. “Who finished the damn keg?”
  5. “…and of course I made sure there were no copies in the bookstore before I assigned it”
  6. “Party at Tien’s!!”
  7. “So, what’s this ‘curve’ thing?”
  8. “I’ve been feeling much better ever since I failed everybody on the midterm”
  9. “Don’t let me get too drunk. I have office hours in twenty minutes”
  10. “I need about two more slaves- whoops, T.A.s- for my class”