Top Ten Sleaziest Pick Up Lines

  1. “You know, doggie style isn’t passe
  2. “I’d love to share some of my bodily
    fluids with you.”
  3. “I know a charming little motel with a
    cheap hourly rate.”
  4. “My friend and I made a bet and I need
    to check if those are implants.”
  5. “Can you believe it? It’s been more than
    fifteen minutes since I’ve had sex.”
  6. “Hi. I’m a tawdry slut looking for a
    good time.”
  7. “Erections like these don’t grow on
    trees, you know.”
  8. “I’ve got a condom with your name on
  9. “I’d like to name a multiple orgasm
    after you.”
  10. “I like the look of your crotch”