Ten Most Asked Questions in Interviews with Dan Quayle

  1. “How does it feel being the nation’s biggest joke?”
  2. “This ‘New World Order’ is your secret plan to take over the universe, isn’t it?”
  3. “Quick– how many houses of congress
    are there?”
  4. “Do you feel that cabinet members are envious of your batman costumes?”
  5. “Why is your dad staring at us through the window?”
  6. “What’s your secret for looking so young, Mr. Redford?”
  7. “How much does Barbara pay you to walk Millie?”
  8. “Who is your favorite ‘New Kid on the Block?'”
  9. “Do you get discounts on tours of the White House?”
  10. “What’s the first thing you’re going to say when you meet George Bush?”