Carjackers Rejoice Over “Ghostridin’ the Whip” Trend

The slump is over for car thieves in the Bay Area, who reportedly attribute their sudden success to a new hip-hop trend known to many as “ghostridin’ the whip.” Popularized by E-40’s song “Tell Me When to Go,” the act involves a car’s driver and passengers exiting the vehicle and dancing alongside the stillmoving automobile.

“It eliminates so much unnecessary work,” says Bucky Kingsly, career carjacker. “No more masks, no more making death threats. You just listen for that E-40 song, dance up to the empty, jack-ready car and hit the gas. It’s like Christmas for my crack habit!”

Kingsly and his peers are eagerly awaiting E-40’s next single, dance anthem “Put your Wallet on the Floor and Close Your Eyes.”