Supposed Straightedge Looks Totally Ripped on ID

An uproar struck Freeborn Hall late Thursday when it was revealed that resident and self-professed “straightedge” Eddie McAllister looks way ripped on his student identification card.

The veracity of McAllister’s claim that he lives free from drugs and alcohol was brought into question when his roommate, freshman Daniel Marquez, noticed McAllister’s ID sitting atop one of their bookshelves and picked it up to get a closer look.

“You know, I thought Eddie was for real about that straightedge stuff,” reported Marquez, “but his unkempt facial hair, semi-grotesque smile, and blank, sunken eyes say it all. When they took this picture, man, Eddie was over.”

McAllister, a Cal first-year known to LiveJournal friends as “xxeddiemcxx,” denied the allegations. “drug free is the way to be man lol,” he wrote in an e-mail response to our inquiry. “now if youll xcuse me i have a kottonmouth kings show to go to (lol).”