American Studies Majors Beg US to Annex Cancun

American Studies majors from across the country gathered in DC yesterday to argue for the US to “liberate Cancun.”

“With Cancun in the US we could do so much studying,” said Junior Mark Chard, “I can just see myself on the beach, drinking a margarita, studying the newest part of the good old US of A.”

Senior Mike Reed concurred, “Cancun begs to be part of the US, so we American Studies majors can do a thorough investigation of where to get the cheapest pitchers and find the best girl-watching spots. That would be so awesome.”

Added Reed, “I’m sick of studying boring-ass parts of this country. Like Nebraska. Ooh, my state bird is the Western Meadowlark, and I’m always cold and stupid. Cancun would be so cool.”