New Safety Tape

All-Purpose brand safety tape announced at a press conference Tuesday that the company would soon be unveiling their first new tape color for the first time in decades: “Run Recklessly Green.” All Purpose is known for their other colored tape, such as the popular Caution Yellow and Danger Red, but to compete with an ever-growing market, they have been looking for new ways to expand.

“We’ve been stewing with the concept for some years now, but could never decide how exactly we should market it,” commented Tom Barker, head of All-Purpose’s New Products Division. “This is a bold new step that’s sure to be a winner.” According to Barker, research proved that when yellow caution tape was around, instead of merely using caution, people tended to either stop what they were doing completely, or to boldly act as if the tape was not even there.

“Our committee came to see that maybe we needed something to put meaning back into the [caution] tape. With the addition of green, a new emphasis on yellow’s caution message should be realized,” Barker said. “Red, Yellow, and Green, it works just like a traffic signal. I had this gut feeling that the public was expecting us to make this move for some time.”

All Purpose hopes to use Run Recklessly primarily with school yards and specifically sanctioned playing areas. “I was actually driving to work one morning and I saw some kids just standing there next to some caution tape,” Barker said. “It got to me that instead of merely asserting caution, like the tape says, they just stood there, looking for some, any sort of direction.”

Run Recklessly Green was created for those children. “Now kids everywhere won’t have to sit around and wonder what they’re supposed to do. They’ll know when it’s safe to run recklessly.”