Epic Records To Release Campanile’s Greatest Hits

Epic Records has announced the release of the unauthorized “Greatest Hits of the Campanile” album. The two disk set features bootleg recordings of some of the Campanile’s most popular noontime songs. Among those featured are Beethoven’s 9th symphony, St. Augustine’s “The Wonder of it All”, and “Break on Through to the Other Side” by The Doors.

According to an undisclosed source, a sound system was secretly installed in the top of the Campanile and programmed to record at 24 hour intervals. The result is one of the greatest collections of clock tower music of all time.

The UC Regents plan to sue Epic Records, claiming that the Campanile is the property of the University and that they own the rights to all sounds made by the tower. Epic Records claims that once the music leaves the tower, it becomes public domain and is not the property of anyone. The lawsuit is expected to take several months and cost four million dollars of UC funds intended for paying graduate student instructors.