About the Squelch

What is the Heuristic Squelch?

The Heuristic Squelch is UC Berkeley’s only intentionally funny campus publication. Usually published 3-4 times per semester, depending on how drunk the staff is, The Squelch is a 20-page humor magazine showcasing the best comedic writing, artwork, and occasionally, quiche recipes of Berkeley’s best and brightest. The Squelch was founded in 1991, the successor to Cal’s great humor tradition begun by The Pelican, becoming an official ASUC sponsored student group in 1997. We will continue publishing as long as there is injustice in the world. Or, until Grandma stops sending checks.

How do I get involved?

The Squelch is always looking for writers, artists, layout staff, or anyone looking to jump onto the comedy bandwagon. Meetings are held weekly. For more details, follow us on facebook or twitter.

Who reads the Squelch?

With a circulation of approximately 11,000, The Squelch is not only Cal’s finest print magazine, but also its most widely-read. Shouldn’t advertisers be salivating over circulation like that? We think so. Issues are delivered to fraternities, sororities, co-ops, and the Chancellor’s front porch. In addition, staffers spend tireless hours hand-delivering copies at various locations on the Berkeley campus.

Interested in Advertising?

The Heuristic Squelch is the premier publication of California’s premier public university, the University of California at Berkeley. Frankly, no one reaches the Berkeley audience like we do.

Read our Ad Packet to find out more about prices and benefits. Or email your questions to business@squelched.com.

What does “heuristic” mean?

Involving or serving as an aid to learning, discovery, or problem-solving by experimental and especially trial-and-error methods.

Read our constitution.